Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Truth About The Perfect Husband

(According To My Son)

I'm not exactly sure how we got on the topic, but earlier Padawan was (lovingly) pointing out some of his Dad's inconsistencies concerning honey-do's that I have literally been waiting years for him to do, and other things that I did not want him to do that he did anyway.

i.e. cutting down a tree I begged him not to cut down shortly after we moved here, and having yet to cut down another dead-ish tree that I need out of the way so I can plant a memorial garden in our lower yard.

I got the idea for the memorial garden from a friend of mine. She planted different bushes and plants in honor of her family members that have passed on. It was so pretty! I want to make one.

Anyway, our conversation led me to jokingly telling him to pay attention to these things that his Dad does and DO NOT do them when he gets married, and that I was training him to be the "perfect" husband.

His reply was:


Number 1


Number 2. *If* I do end up getting married. I, because being a perfect husband takes the life and joy out of everything!

I told my husband about our little conversation...

His reply was:

I feel so good right now. I did teach him something!!

So there you heard it directly from one of the male species!
Sorry, future daughter-in-law. I tried!

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  1. Having two daughters I pay attention to what mothers of sons say about things like this. But I also know that my number one daughter is of the opinion that her future husband should be like a first home: a fixer-upper. The second daughter doesn't care much because she's never getting married either. Although she has plans to adopt me some grandchildren. Teen ones, apparently. Because she doesn't like babies. Apparently they're too much work. o_O So, yeah, I'm with you on apologizing in advance to my future sons-in-law.

  2. Its funny how they have it all figured out at such a young age!


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