Accidental Homeschoolers

My son and I became what the Homeschooling community calls Accidental Homeschoolers in the fall of 2010. 

Accidental Homeschoolers are typically families who had not planned to homeschool. Many of these families had children in school but found that it was not working out and as they ran out of traditional school options, started homeschooling.

Not working that had become an understatement in our situation!

I originally began writing a little background on my son's Public School years in order to explain how I came to my decision to Homeschool, but it turned out to be an extremely long saga!
Here are the links to the individual chapters:
Part 1- A Strong Willed Child Is Born

Part 2- Pre-K and K

Part 3- 1st & 2nd Grade
Part 4- 3rd Grade
Part 5- Summer 3rd Grade
Part 6- 4th Grade
Part 7- 5th Grade

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