Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Tied For Second Place....

Danielle assured us that there were more than 3 entries, but she didn't specify how many...maybe 4??..

Anyway, I'm honored and thrilled that my story was chosen as one of the winners!

Here is my entry:

It Will Grow Back..Won't It?

"It will grow back, won't it Mommy?" Those are the words that my clueless mother heard me say one early morning in 1975.

"What?", she asked.

"It will grow back, won't it?", I asked again.

Panic struck her as she tried to determine exactly what her 5 year old was talking about. She would soon find out what I had done and it wasn't going to be a pretty sight.

The day before, my mom had mentioned that she needed to cut my little sister's bangs. I eagerly asked if I could help. She halfheartedly replied with, "We'll see."

I knew that my mom was a smart woman and that she knew better than to let a 5 year old cut hair. Her answer was just to keep me from asking over and over. I was on to her!

That night after my parents turned out the lights and tucked us into our separate beds, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I knew that this would be my only chance. If I did a good job, my mom would be so proud of me that she would probably let me cut little sister's bangs all the time!

After the coast was clear, I called my two-year-old unsuspecting sister over to my bed. I had my safety scissors all ready. Yes, I used safety scissors. I didn't want to put her eye out!

Then I told her to stand still as I started to cut her the dark...laying on my side.

But...she wouldn't stand still!

She began to repeatedly stoop down to pick up one of many flakes of dried finger-paint off of the floor. I had scraped them off of a painting I brought home from Kindergarten. Why?...I don't know.

She would bob down to pick up a paint flake, then stand up to ask me "What's this?".

I was beginning to get frustrated. I many times does one have to tell a two-year-old what a flake of paint is?!?

This was not going as planned. Even so, every time she stood up, I quickly snipped some hair.

bob... snip...bob... snip.. bob.. snip...

This pattern continued for some time until I was satisfied that her haircut was complete.

The next morning, it was obvious that my sister's new haircut did not look nearly as good as I thought it did the night before (in the dark). I could now see that I had cut my sister's bangs all the way to her forehead; her bangs were not even at all, and my first haircut looked nothing like I had intended!

Seeing this made me give up hope of my mom ever letting me help cut hair in the future. The only thing I could do now was to find out for sure if it would grow back to determine how much trouble I was going to be in.

Of course I explained that it was all my sister's fault that it was a bad haircut - because she was the one who wouldn't be still!

Here's a picture of my sister's hair after it had grown out for a while. When we were at my parents house on Thanksgiving,  I told her I entered the story of me cutting her hair in the Everyday Hilarity Writing Contest-- she wasn't fact her exact words were..."funny for you..not for me!"


As a prize winner, I was awarded this fancy-schmancy vampire wig. It seems appropriate since I'm always joking about how we're a family of vampires due to our sleeping habits -or lack thereof.  No, that's not me in the picture. ;)

You can read the 1st Place entry here at Yeah! I Said It!


  1. Haha! Yes, there were more than 4 entries. There were 6! Glad you like your wig. The bangs look like they were cut by you! :P

  2. LOL! They do don't they!

    BTW My hair cutting skills have gotten better..I get to cut Padawan's and my husband's hair all the time!


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