Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Repeat after me....Homeschool is Fun

At my Chiropractor appointment this afternoon, my Dr. asked me how Homeschool was going and I immediately said blurted out “FUN”!

If you have read any of my blog about The Public School Years, you will know for a fact that I never thought that the word FUN would ever describe anything having to do with MY son and the word SCHOOL.

Then I told her blurted out about how there was a method called Unschooling, where you take the lead from what your kids are interested in. I told her about how Padawan was interested in so many things and how we mainly go with that, and how he has learned so much.

I also told her about how when I took Padawan out of Public School how he could barely spell. I told her that now that he has a need to know how spell he is interested in it, and asks me to help him spell words “hundreds” of times a day.

I laughed and told her that Unschooling was an unusual way to describe what we have been doing, because its not UN-teaching or UN-learning. I also told her about Padawan was a perfect example of the quote about throwing marshmallows at your kids and calling it eating.

She told me that it looked like it has been really good for Padawan and that he looked a lot less stressed.

Then she asked me if I ever planned on putting him back in school, and I said “Not if I can help it!”

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