Friday, September 16, 2011

Did I Say That Out Loud?

Last night/this morning was one of those times that I had crazy, vivid dreams.

In my dream I had showed up at church on a Wednesday night after not having been there for 5 years (that's how long its been in real life). A bunch of crazy weird stuff happened, but I mostly remember that my church family was excited to see me. After church was over they gave me some gifts for our homeschool.

In the next scene, I was leaving the church with my gifts. The building was now my son's previous school. (You know how dreams are). A kind gentleman opened the door for me and I headed out to the back of the school, where my boat was parked- if you could call it a boat.

It was some homemade contraption that my husband made for us to be able to travel back and forth in the creek. There was enough room for a little platform and a chair on the top part, and there was what looked like a crab cage strapped to the underside of the platform to keep it from bottoming out. There was also a place up top to build a small fire so we could see to travel at night.

Now it was dark, and when I got to my boat I could see that my chair and firewood were gone. I sat my things towards the back of the boat and started looking around for something that I could use to sit on and for some small pieces of wood to build a fire. About that time, some teenagers started throwing firecrackers off the high deck at the back of the building. (It was no longer the school).

Two of the firecrackers landed beside my boat, so I backed up out of the way to wait until for them to go off so I could finish getting ready to leave. Suddenly, two boys wearing Letterman Jackets were goofing off with each other, and one of them grabbed my stuff off of the back of the boat and started kicking it around as he walked down the hill past my boat. That's when I started screaming at them."Hey, that's my stuff!". No response. REALLY LOUD now... THAT'S MY STUUUUUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Oops!...I said it for real that time and woke myself up.

The next thing I heard (in real life) was a confused shout from the living room. Padawan called out "Mom, is that you!?!"

"Yeah", I answered in my newly awakended state.

Immediately I heard the front door open and could hear him running out onto the porch. Then he knocked on my bedroom window. "Mom, was that you?"

"Yeah, I was dreaming", I answered, wondering why in the world did he run out onto the porch instead of down the hall to my room. We tried to have a conversation through the window. I knew I wasn't making much sense, and besides that he could barely hear me through the closed window.

I made it to the living room about the same time that he came back in the house, and explained to him what I had done. He said, "You freaked me out! The last time you screamed like that there was a snake in the house!" Then he said, "But that was a good plan. Next time you scream, I'm going out the door!"

I told him a little about my dream and he looked at me and said, "It was just stuff!"

When I called my husband to tell him what happened, he said, "I want some of what you're taking!"


  1. Funny! At least you know Padawan's survival instincts are intact!

    Love how your blog is developing. I really like those tabs up top, and your headers and background.

    And finally, I sleep in most days too. My son gets up early and comes in a bunch of times usually before I finally haul my tired self out of bed. Does Padawan do that too?

  2. Oops...I said all of that and still didn't answer your question! lol

    Yep, he wakes me up several times before I get up some days.

  3. That's a pretty interesting dream you had there. I know what it would mean if it were mine but I've always felt that dream interpretation is unique and personal so I'm kind of curious to know if you get anything out of it besides random nonsense.

    Good on Padawan for those keen survival skills! That's a smart cookie right there. Knowing mine they probably would've gone back outside and wanted to try talking through the window again once they knew everything was ok.

  4. LOL... The dream was pretty much random nonsense. I have vivid dreams most of the time, and I HAVE always been curious about dream interpretation. I read some of one of Freud's book about it but, not much of anything else.

    Three times I have had what I guess you would call prophetic dreams shortly before I lost someone close to me...??sort of a heads up?? I should blog about it!

    Padawan says he rarely dreams..I think that's odd.

  5. The reason I've always said that dream interpretation is personal is because I think each person's relation to individual symbols is different. I don't really believe in the "universal symbolism" of Freud and Jung. Our own emotions, experiences, and thinking patterns are what give objects their meaning so how can they be universal? So for you a boat might mean safety in a dangerous situation but for ME a boat would mean hidden danger (I have a yucky history with boats and tend to think of them as "traps"). That's why I think other than divinely inspired dreams being interpreted by other divinely inspired people (like Joseph in prison) can only be interpreted by the people who had them.

    As far as Padawan and dreaming - there are two possibilities. One is that he might have some kind of sleep disorder that's keeping him from going into REM sleep as regularly as most people. Dreams can happen in any stage of sleep but REM dreams are usually the ones that are vivid enough to stick with you after waking. The other possibility is that he is dreaming but not waking near enough to an REM cycle (the sleep cycle really is a cycle - you move in and out of all phases of sleep several times per sleep session) to remember his dreams. A lot of people who "don't dream" actually do dream and remember pieces of their dreams if they write/narrate them quickly enough after waking but the dream fragments that they retain fade so quickly for them that they're lost within minutes if they don't make an effort to hold onto them. There have been multiple studies where people are asked to journal dreams before getting out of bed and once they start journaling they retain more of their dreams more often. (Personally I don't know how they do it - if my feet don't hit the floor within a minute or so of waking up I'm going to have to change the sheets ;-) Anyway, if Padawan ever cares much about his lack of dreams he could try that - although I don't see much of a point unless HE's interested.

  6. I'm pretty sure he just doesn't remember his dreams. He has two modes. Awake and dead to the world. It has always been nearly impossible to wake him up.


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