Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I CU #6- Intensive Care for the Christian Unschooler

Its time again for the weekly meme 
I CU -Intensive Care For The Christian Unschooler

“This week we want to…” Work through the book Teach Yourself C in 21 Days. We also want to read the book Dirt Road Home by Watt Key. It's a companion to the movie Alabama Moon that we watched back in the summer.

“The kids is…” taken an interest in MineCraft this week.  Through MineCraft he has been asking questions about how to calculate area and watching MineCraft tutorials. He's also been playing Zoo Tycoon Extinct Animals Edition. He hasn't touched that one in a few years. He's learning about animals, their habitats, and what they need to stay healthy. Oh yeah, he's been doing some Origami too.

“I am learning….” nothing specific comes to mind.

“I am struggling with…” finances. :sigh:

“This week is the first time….”
I made a decent pan of cornbread. I never could make cornbread as yummy as my Mom's, so I usually make corn muffins. Yesterday I baked some in an iron skillet for the first time and it was the best I've made so far. It still wasn't as yummy as Mom's, but at least the crust was good. She doesn't use an iron skillet, so I don't know what her secret is.

The funny thing about this is that Mom can't make biscuits like my Granny did, so she makes spoon biscuits. Like Mother, like Daughter???

“I am grateful…” This may seem trivial. But I am grateful for the internet. I've come to depend on it for so much, and it has been such a useful tool for educational purposes.

“When I was a child, I wanted to be ______ when I grew up" I wanted to be an astronaut or a secretary and a Mom of triplet girls.

I wanted triplets so I could dress them all alike in pretty ruffled dresses. haha  Being the Mom of one boy is pretty cool too! And after this experience, I don't know if I would have what it takes to raise triplets!

I never did become a secretary..that was my back up plan anyway. I REALLY wanted to be an astronaut. I often wonder what if my parents realized how serious my dream of being an astronaut was and helped me figure out how to accomplish it. I guess I didn't know how or think to ask, and they never thought to do it either. The only thing I knew was that I would have to go into the Air Force. I don't know if that was really the case or not. Witnessing the Space Shuttle blow up live on TV kind of made me think twice about it anyway.


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