Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting Organized

I decided that I'm going to get organized and ready for the upcoming school year.  So here’s my plan! 


1.      Blog About making a To Do List
2.      Make a To Do List
3.      Upload said To Do List to Blog.
4.      Find all previous To Do Lists (or not).
5.      Designate a single notebook for all future To Do Lists, amazing ideas, websites, and notes.
6.      Temporarily stop reading blogs, Facebook newsfeeds, and websites.
7.      Temporarily stop finding new blogs, Facebook newsfeeds, and websites.
8.      Temporarily stop taking notes of amazing ideas, supplies, wishlists, and websites.
9.      Find all previous amazing ideas, notes, and bookmarked websites scattered among various notebooks, writing pads, scrap papers, 2 user profles on Destop and Laptop computers.
10.   Organize items listed in #9.
11.   Place items from  #9 in notebook #5
12.   Save newly organized bookmarks from notebook to Firefox or similar program for access from either computer or user profile.
13.   Find all downloaded e-books and pdf files saved on both computers.
14.   Sort items in #13 according to reading books or school related books.
15.   Organize school related books in shared folder accessible by both computers.
16.   Make a list of school related books and place in new notebook (#5)
17.   Convert pdf e-books to text and email them to Kindle.
18.   Make a reading list of said books in #17.
19.   Delete School user profile from Desktop (maybe the one on Laptop too)-Note to self:  not such a good idea after all to have separate profiles for School on 2 different computers. Part of reason for #9.
20.   Find out why Desktop computer won’t allow access of shared files and use printer from School profile on Laptop.
21.   Decide #20 is not worth the trouble- Put flash drive on wishlist.
22.   Read e-books.
23.   Go through curriculum that arrived and make list of activities, projects, games, videos, etc. to go with lessons.
24.   Make a list of needed materials for items in #23.
25.   Find a designated place in already overly crowded space to organize said items in #23 and #24.
26.   Gather supplies and make wishlist for missing items in #24.
27.   Allow self to begin reading Blogs, Facebook newsfeeds, and websites again - only if self promises to follow new system formed by this To Do List to take notes, make lists, and bookmarks.
28.   Repeat necessary parts of this Do List next spring.

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