Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Mom Moment

Operation Covert Education- Success!

I recently finished writing an End of Year Assessment for Padawan. I decided at the beginning of our homeschool journey that I was not going to assign grades- since they were not a motivation to Padawan in the first place. The state laws where I live are vague on how this assessment should be written or what it should include. It ended up being 7 pages, because I included what he had accomplished, his areas of strength, and the resources and activities that we had used during the school year. I also included specifics on how I plan to work with him on his areas of weakness, build on his strengths, and encourage his interests in the upcoming school year.

I asked Padawan last night when he would like to start the upcoming school year. He pointed to the end of September on his calendar. I told him that if we started our school year that late, we would be "doing school" into next summer.   He quickly replied. "Its not like we did that much anyway; we're slackers!" I told him that just because I hadn't required him to do much writing, it didn't mean that he didn't learn anything or that we were slackers. :)

I smiled on the inside. If I could write a 7 page assessment and summary of what he had learned and worked on during our 7 months of Homeschool, and he didn't feel like he had been "doing school" that much-  my plan to follow my instinct was a great success!!

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