Monday, June 13, 2011

God and Logic


Padawan had attended church almost every Sunday and Wednesday since the day he was born until he was almost 6. We have always taught him everything from the Biblical point of view.

I wanted to make sure that he looks at the world from God's perspective. I want him see that the Bible and science can agree, and that faith in God can be logical. Because, after all, he is a very logical person.

I especially enjoy taking the opportunity to point out God's truth anytime we encounter the opposite in documetaries, books etc.

One night this brought up a discussion about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I could see my attempt at explaining the Holy Trinity to him was an epic fail by the puzzled look on his face. It was late, so I told him nevermind for now, its complicated.

He quickly replied, "And people think that Christianity is made up! That just crazy! Who would make up something that confusing on PURPOSE."

Oh, how I love his sense of logic!


  1. It's a little "basic" for his level of understanding, but my girls got a book in preschool that explains the Trinity pretty well using the analogy of an apple. The skin is part of the apple, the seeds are part of the apple, and the flesh is part of the apple. They are all "of apple" but none alone ARE apple. They're distinct and each has a special purpose for the apple fruit (skin protects flesh, flesh nourishes people, seeds procreate) and all parts are necessary to make up an apple. It worked pretty well for my kiddos, anyway.

    And I LOVE his theory about proof of Christianity!

  2. That is a neat way to explain it. I'll have to look something like that up! I've also heard the analogy of Water, Ice and Vapor.

    I wish I could remember some of the things he came up with relating to evolution vs creation when he was into dinosaurs a few years ago! He has such insight sometimes!


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