Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Going Back To Work For Peanuts

Well, Not Exactly Peanuts...But Close

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

A few years ago my sister found a legitimate work at home "job" as an independent contractor with a Company called ChaCha. You get paid to answer questions! At the time I started they were paying 20 cents a question. If a person was really quick at finding answers and typing, and traffic was steady they could earn up to $14 bucks an hour. I was just getting the hang of things and earning on average $7/hr, which was less than I had made at my real job- before disability- when they hired a lot more "Guides", changed a lot of policies and started paying 10-18 cents per question depending on the category. Due to the new payout, too many Guides, and especially the lack of traffic - I was suddenly lucky to average $2-3/hr.-- so I gradually quit doing it. Besides- FarmTown was way more relaxing!

Before the changes, I actuality earned enough money in just a few months to buy my laptop.

Well, financially speaking things are tight right now. Hubby's new job doesn't pay as much as his old one did, so I'm seriously considering going back to ChaCha.

Hopefully after all this time they have the kinks worked out and traffic will be steady so I can get a rhythm going again. I figure if I can even earn a few bucks a day that's better than the NOTHING that I'm financially contributing right now. :)

If anyone reading this is also desperate and wants to join me working for peanuts, you can sign up at ChaCha.com. And if you don't mind entering my email ranjen(at)bellsouth(dot)net as the person who referred you, I can earn a small percent as a bonus for all the peanuts you earn too!

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