Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I-CU #4

Intensive Care for the Christian Unschooler

“This week we want to…”
I always have a hard time with this one. I guess its mainly because since I never know how I'm going to feel healthwise, its hard to plan things. But since we are in the record keeping portion of the year, I want to make sure Padawan is touching on all the subjects each week. Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science,and Social Studies are required by the state. I have added Bible Study, Health and "PE". Padawan added Cooking, Computer Programming, and Art.

So, far its not been much of a problem- especially with Science and Social Studies. Is it possible to overdose on Social Studies?

“The kids is…” having a really good day! One of his personal goals has been to become "famous" on Roblox. Today he decided he needed more Robux to buy something, and he devised a plan to make a game called an Obby (short for Obstacle Course). That way he would earn 10 tickets per visitor and he can he can trade them in for Robux. He worked steadily on it this morning, and when he uploaded it to the server he had nearly 100 visitors before an hour was up. It has been great for his self-esteem! He was all excited and bouncing around. He said that this was a big step towards becoming well known.  He's even taking suggestions from some of the players about what they would like him to add to the game.

“I am learning….” to ask Padawan before I assume he will like something that sounds fun and interesting to me. I signed up for a program called Flat Travelers (Flat Stanleys), and without thinking of asking him first agreed to swap Travelers with a family in Guam this week. He's not interested, so I'll be the one doing it. Oh well, lesson learned.

“I am struggling with…” trying to convince Padawan to write, type, dictate, blog.. (you get the point) paragraphs, stories, or anything like that for me. Its not that I don't know he can write really good papers, or that I think he really needs to hone his formal writing skills at least until High School age. Its more of a selfish reason really. It is mainly because he is so creative and funny when he does write. I'm not really pushing the writing, but I do let him know how much I miss reading his stories- probably too often.

“This week is the first time….”
I have relaxed a little more about that darned snake having been in the house. I caught myself walking down our dark hallway with the light off without even thinking about checking first. A step in the right direction!

“I am grateful…” For my online support system. I don't know anyone who Homeschools or Unschools in person, so it is nice to be able to connect with other Mom's through the internet.
I'm also grateful for the new freedom that we as a family have to decide what is important and when it is important for Padawan's education instead of it being decided for us.

“A fun thing I’ve done recently is…” Science with Padawan! I make him laugh, which in turn makes me laugh, because I am soooo not as good at hands-on things as he is. We spend a lot of time giggling and being silly together.

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