Saturday, August 6, 2011

Imaginary Peer Pressure

Wow! Our summer break is officially over. We started doing our Unschooly/Schooly thing (or is that our Schooly/Unschooly thing ??) officially on Thursday- the day after Padawan's previous classmates started back to school. We didn't want to be the same as "them".  Either way, its all good!

I'm really excited and eager to see how this school year will unfold!

This is the first year I did not dread the end of summer break, or desire to continue my countdown of the days until he graduates. I actually looked forward to it, and I want to cherish every moment.

I'm confident about the decisions I have made regarding our educational choices and goals for Padawan, but still in the back of my mind there is a debate going on.

A debate between imaginary people from the Traditional, Relaxed, and Unschool camps about whether I am worthy to be included in their social circles because maybe we're not doing enough things the same as them.

That's right! I am being plagued by imaginary peer pressure! Imagine that!

Here's an excerpt of the conversation in my head of me defending myself against these imaginary people.

(Don't worry, there's no need to call the people with the little white coats just yet).

Me to the Imaginary Unschooler:
"Yeah, I apologetically bought curriculum and schooly things- a lot of which I'm sure he will love, but some that he may just look at and take no interest in it. You know, its like buying gifts...some he likes and others he never takes an interest in- only this is an educational gift.

Me to the Imaginary Relaxed and Traditional Homeschooler:
I apologetically don't plan to make him use it all and I certainly don't plan to make him do his schoolwork.

Me to Myself: (in my stern voice)
You know what Jen, IT SHOULDN'T MATTER!!! The only people it should matter to are God, Padawan, and you. You both came out of a long hard battle over all things Public School, just enjoy these years and your newfound freedom to find your own way!

Me to Myself again: (in my wimpy voice)
But..but...the unschoolers who I think are REALLY cool (the in-crowd) won't think that I'm much of an unschooler, and the other schoolers won't think I'm much of a homeschooler.

Me to Myself yet again: (in my NY accent movie voice)


  1. We all go through these periods! It's a normal part of the finding-your-homeschool-voice process. You're settling in alot faster than a lot of us do.

    Sometimes the "rebels" forget that what makes being different so exciting is that there's FREEDOM involved! When rules and guidelines enter the picture, it's just another formula. And who wants THAT?!


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