Monday, August 22, 2011

Learning In The Kitchen- Popovers

The other night we watched an episode of Good Eats titled "Popover Sometime".
We had never heard of Popovers before seeing the show. Alton explained the science behind the way the popovers rise without any leaven. My little bread eater thought they looked YUMMY, so of course he asked if we could make some.

"We" ended up being me measuring out the ingredients into little bowls so he could pour them into the blender. That way he could lesson his chances of getting flour or...even worse egg on his hands. He decided he would do the fun part....operate the blender, and left me to butter the muffin pan. That boy of mine has AWESOME managerial skills!

Our Popovers
Our Popovers didn't look much like Alton's, and I should have cooked them a little longer (they were a little doughy in the middle), but I think they were still pretty decent for our first attempt. And Padawan loved them!

Next time we're going to make Dutch Babies from the same show. But first I have to learn how to season my cast iron skillet.
Alton's Popovers
Here's the link to the recipe we used from Food Network


  1. If it helps, my popovers are never as pretty as cooking show ones either. But they're still pretty fabulous to eat ;-) And if you figure out that whole "seasoning your cast iron" thing, feel free to share. I actually donated about $200 worth of cast iron pots and pans to the local thrift store some years ago because I could never get them seasoned properly.

  2. I came across my iron skillet by default. There was actually one in the house when we moved here that I never used and eventually gave away. Then we got a brand new one from our Electric Co-Op annual meeting not long after. I've never used it either. I watched a YouTube the other day about how to season it. I know that you have to oil it and bake it before you use it the first time, and then after each time you use detergents on it. Sounds like a lot of trouble to me. lol

  3. LOL I think my problem is that I'm spoiled. I grew up in a house with "antique" cast iron that was WELL seasoned. Nothing ever stuck to it because it had decades upon decades of lard, oil, and grease baked in. Fast forward to a young mom with a huge set of NEW cast iron. I put the oil in it. I rubbed it in good. I baked. Then I tried to use it. And things stuck. So I washed it out (no detergent, I KNOW that lesson. Nearly got skinned alive one time for plopping a cast iron skillet in the dishwasher) and reseasoned it. Seasoned the sucker 6 times and food still stuck and there were rust spots popping up. So I gave up and donated it all and set about building my collection of copper pots and pans that don't require seasoning. But every once in a while I miss that cast iron I grew up with, especially the dutch oven and the chicken fry pan. I have a lovely enameled dutch oven but the food doesn't taste the same from it because it doesn't have that tasty buildup of fats and oils long past, you know?

  4. LOL..I probably would have put mine in the dishwasher too!


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