Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I CU #5

Its time again for the weekly meme 
I CU -Intensive Care For The Christian Unschooler

“This week we want to…”
celebrate my Husband's Birthday, go to the library, enjoy the cooler weather, do some science experiments, learn about the artist Mary Cassatt, and leave time to be spontaneous.

“The kid is…” enjoying spending time with his Dad the last couple of days. They spent the entire day together today- something they don't get to do often enough.  Tonight they are watching a movie.

He's also been experimenting with different languages. He likes to post his status updates on (yeah) Roblox in different languages. Last week it was Latin. Now its Binary computer language.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. He asked if we could find him a typewriter, so we borrowed the antique one from my Mother-in-Law. (Maybe he wants to write something!!)

“I am learning….” and experimenting with different features on Blogger. I learned what a jump break is AND how to use it. So, bear with me for playing around on my blog.

“I am struggling with…”
  going back and forth about Unschooling. The kid is always an Unschooler..its me that goes back and forth. I think its a process. Most days we ARE Unschoolers in the Lifestyle sense...other days its an Educational Method to me..then still other days I am a Relaxed Homeschooler. BUT it works for us for the most part. And I still have my made up name to fall back on. haha

Also, I realized last night that its not so much even a Homeschool/Unschool thing. Or that I'm worried about him learning- because he's learning! Its that I love to teach! I love schooly things! I even used to love playing school as a kid! And when he rejects my schooly ways, in a sense it is like him rejecting a part of me. In other words, its a personality thing between me and DS.

I remember when he was younger- before school age- I felt the same way at times. I always had these plans and ideals of things that we would enjoy doing together. A lot of them were things that I had done with other kids- they soooo readily would join me in my world. He's just wired different. I have to let go of those unrealistic thoughts and put more effort into joining him in his world. I guess its the same thing some parents go through when they have dreams of their kids enjoying sports, but they don't. Good thing none of us are into sports!

Also, he talks so grown up all the time its easy to forget that he's still a kid. I don't notice it until I get around kids his age- then I see the difference.

This week is the first time….” Hubby has taken time off from work in months.

“I am grateful…” That I have so much time to really get to know my child instead of battling with him daily like we used to 10 months out of the year.

“The best piece of advice I’ve ever received regarding our life path in unschooling was…”

Do what works for you and don't worry about the label. Priceless!

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