Sunday, August 14, 2011

Musical Furniture

I hate clutter, but I can never seem to get rid of it!

We live in a small house with limited closest space and we don't have an attic, basement, or a garage. It doesn't help matters that my husband and our son both tend to collect things that look like meaningless junk to me, or that I am a self proclaimed paper hoarder. Now that we are home educating, we've added even more clutter to the mix.
I found blog post recently that suggested using dressers for extra storage when you have limited space.

Well, about a month ago, we inherited a dresser (or as we would call it around here, a chester-drawerz) from my uncle's estate. Its nothing fancy, but my husband decided to swap his dresser for that one, since it was larger.  This caused a little game of musical furniture at our house.

My husband's dresser had deeper drawers than the one in our son's room, so we swapped it out too... since we were in furniture moving mode. Then I was left with the smaller dresser that was...well, just going to be in the way.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to use it to store our Art and Science supplies.  I thought of two possible places to put the dresser; one is in the hallway across from my washer and dryer, and the other is in my kitchen/dining area.  I decided to try it out in the kitchen first.

If I can get over the fact that chester-drawerz aren't typically found in a kitchen, I think I'll love it there!

I even dedicated the top drawer for my husband to put all the "treasures" in that he normally leaves lying around on the kitchen counter!

Now, if I can only find a place to relocate the water cooler!


  1. Last summer we finished most of the rest of our basement to include a family room and a room for Grandpa. Now we have very little storage space. I'm always looking for ways to make what we have work.

  2. I love dressers for storage. We have three ginormous 9-drawer ones in the garage/shop for tools and things.


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