Sunday, August 7, 2011

What My Child Is Reading (Week of August 6, 2011)

I stumbled upon another Meme in the Blogosphere!
I don't know if I'm faithful enough to link up every week, but we'll see.
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Breaking the Beale Code: The Treasure Hunters Club Book 2The Treasure Hunters Club: Breaking the Beale Code
by Sean McCartney
This is a Kindle Book that I got for free from BookRooster in exchange for writing a review after we read it.

We're doing this one as a read aloud. Its written for Middle School age kids. It supposed to be a good book for boys. We've read the first two chapters and like it enough to continue.

This book is about: A treasure worth 30 million dollars.
Protected by an unbreakable code.
Sought by people for over 200 years.
Is the treasure real?
Or an elaborate hoax?

Join the Treasure Hunters Club as they embark upon the greatest adventure of their lives. Where they must break the Beale Code and escape from an old enemy out for revenge!

The Lion Graphic Bible: The Whole Story from Genesis to RevelationThe Lion Graphic Bible: The Whole Story from Genesis to Revelation
by Jeff Anderson and Mike Maddox

I bought this last winter, and it had just been sitting around, but Padawan decided to start reading it the other day. He liked it enough to sit and read a good part of it in one sitting.


  1. Welcome to WMCIR! Both books are new to us. I have to come back and read more about your homeschooling journey, since I am very interested in "accidental homeschoolers".


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