Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summary of Our Unschooling Summer

The things that I had intended to blog about periodically- but didn't...

The downside of our summer was that the most exciting and eventful part was the snake incident. Unless you count the week that Padawan's uncle (who is about as much as a conversationalist as Padawan and I are) stayed with us. This included all the many, many, hours my husband, the only extrovert among us, was at work. Let's just say that we may have set a new record for the amount of Netflix movies a person can watch in one week. My neck still hates me!

I chose to count the week I spent at my parent's house as the first summer vacation I've had since the economy went south. After all, Mom's Bed and Breakfast was actually pretty relaxing!  Maybe we'll have the time, money, and opportunity to do some exciting things in the near future. And I'll be praying that I'll feel like going.

Padawan had freedom to do his own thing this summer (as he has been able to do every summer even when he was in Public School). Outside of Roblox, he gravitated to historical and scientific things as he has always done. He incorporated his new knowledge into his game designs and conversations on Roblox and with the family. He continued his daily studies in Roblox math. His spelling has improved greatly, and he has become quite fast at typing. He's also gotten really good at figuring out how to incorporate different elements to his online models and games. KUDOS to him because I couldn't figure it out when he was begging me to help him earlier this year! His friend came over occasionally, and his interest in Legos was re-sparked for a couple of weeks.
BUT now Public School has started back in our county, and he is mentally done with his ideal summer break...

Also, I'm learning to use his Austistic traits- especially the one about certain routines being nearly set in stone-  to work for us and not against us!

I view this as a good time to try to help him establish some better habits and routines as we settle into our life without Public School.

A fresh beginning! A time to guide him into becoming a more rounded person!

A life that includes things in addition to Roblox and Documentaries!

Forward March!

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